Our Story

Founded in September 2015,
SnapTank had one simple goal.

To become the online platform exclusively providing a connection to the world of 3D scans and scanning services.

Used by creatives and businesses across the globe, we want to offer a space focused solely on photorealistic 3D scans and the people who appreciate the benefits this can bring to creative work. It’s something we stand for and strive for every day.

What Drives Us

We’re a new business, a start-up.
A David amongst Goliaths.

We believe in building a business that supports the community. All our time, energy, and revenue goes into making our platform and service better for all our customers. We aim to always be honest and professional, to bring innovation to our work, listening and responding to the needs of the community.

Our Team

Based in the great city of London, in an innovative co-working space above 3D printing hub Fab Lab London. The SnapTank team work tirelessly to make our platform work for you.

James Hanline
Captain Organised

Hailing from New Zealand, James can bring organisation and structure to a band of fighting cats. His mixed background in the film industry, cyber scanning, web design, and ecommerce, makes him a unique member of the team.

Often heard saying: "Is that coffee? I’d love some."
Ross Martin
The favourite

A Scot living in London, Ross is everybody's favourite. He takes charge of looking out for all our capture artists. Matching skill with creativity. When he’s not out risking life and limb as an action sports skater, he’s scanning whatever catches his eye.

Often heard saying: "What time is it? It’s beer o’clock!"
Miriam Sarbu
Creative Geek

Little miss creativity, Miriam comes from the game industry. She likes nothing more than to take a 3D scan and test its limits. Usually found in the ‘zone’ of creativity and can’t be disturbed, even when the fire alarm goes off.

Often heard saying: "Why is everyone running?"

Some of the cool stuff we’ve been involved in

3D Scanning a Zombie Awakening
Bringing together actors, special effects, scanning, and an animation studio. Revealing a unique look behind the scenes of the high-end photogrammetry process.
Alien Scanning Comparison
Take one of the toughest scanning subjects and hand it to three capture artists of varying skill levels and compare the outcomes. What could go wrong?