3D scans are a little like whiskey
It takes a while to make a good one. So whether you prefer raw scan data to build upon, all the way to rigging ready and optimised topology for animation. We can accomodate your pipeline like a well stocked bar. Cheers to that!


Amateur Artist Scan
Scanned by early stage 3D artists and those new to 3d scanning

RAW unmodified mesh
Start from scratch and save time with a pre-processed scan

Tri-Poly OBJ 
Basic formats you can mould into your own workflow


Experienced Artist Scan
Like the Starter Scans, but captured by an experienced artist for high-quality RAW reference

RAW unmodified mesh
Take the stuff you need or build upon it, real world detailing in a snap

Tri-Poly OBJ
Keeping it simple, leaving it you to optimise into your own creative projects and pipeline

RAW diffuse jpeg
Various resolutions and qualities, best for using as texture reference


Experienced Artist Scan
Experienced 3D artists have worked to enhance scans for ready-to-use purposes

Clean Watertight mesh
Hand-cleaned and resculpted for maximum application and photorealism

Quad-Poly OBJ + other formats
Quad-poly processing and various file formats compatible with all softare

Multiple Maps at 4K
Minimum 4K de-lit diffuse maps for perfect lighting. Includes diffuse, normal, and occlusion at a minimum

Multiple Poly Counts
Decimated in occordance to the object scanned, but expect suitable poly-counts

How to tell the level of a scan?

In order to grade scans on SnapTank – we open and authenticate them based on the specifications in the above tables. You can tell if a scan has been classified by hovering over the thumbnail, where it will state the grade under the title. This information is also available on the product page should you be using a mobile device. Easy!

If a scan has not been reviewed – the scan grade will read ‘Pending’.

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