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  • 3d castle ruins 1
  • 3d castle ruins 2
  • 3d castle ruins 3
  • 3d castle ruins 4
  • 3d castle ruins 5
  • 3d castle ruins 6
  • 3d castle ruins 7
  • 3d castle ruins 8

3D Castle Ruins Bundle

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Capture Artist:

Scan Grading: Starter

Scans Uploaded: 12

x2 Scans included in this bundle – great for optimising and in-game 3D assets!

Royalty Free License

Standard Use
x2 Southampton Castle Ruin scans bundled at a reduced price. Southampton Castle walls 01 - large castle ruins in picture above.
  • The model has been scaled, cleaned, and placed with environment domes in Maya.
  • Created from 225 photos, with Agisoft photoscan
  • Includes 2 HDR 360 panoramic images which can be used for lighting in any 3D package.
  • 1 Million Poly's
Southampton Castle Walls 02 - the smaller of the x2 3D scanned castles. This is a photoscan of some Castle Wall ruins that are scattered all around the modern port town of Southampton England.  They were built in the 12th century to defend the town from invading armies.  Most of them are gone, but anywhere near the coast are solid stone remains that mix in nicely with the modern buildings all around.  Really I thought this was incredibly cool so of course I had to scan a couple of locations while I was working a job here. The scan is made with Agisoft Photoscan, 190 photos from my Sony A7, then two panoramic HDR 360 images from the outsides to capture the sky and surroundings, 90 photos each to get full range of light, stiched with PTgui.  Castle model has been decimated down to 268k polygons, with a 4k texture, then 2k textures for the domes.  Honestly these domes that I usually make for the surrounding environment are sort of dumb, but they work. castle scan 267,982 poly skydomes are 1859 poly each file is 271,700 total polys Also included are 3 HDR Panoramic images which can be used in any 3D package like Maya for IBL lighting and rendering.  There is the original output from Agisoft, high rez FBX file (upon request), 33 million polygons.  From this high rez model I generated 4k utility textures like AO, cavity, height, color, and normal to use on the low rez model. The whole collection is great for rendering, just drop a car model with good shaders in there, and make some images. Realtime low rez version can be seen online here. https://skfb.ly/NU8C

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