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3D Coconut Photogrammetry Bundle

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Capture Artist:

Scan Grading: Standard

Scans Uploaded: 17

4 pieces of coconut with texture maps – perfect for rendering

Royalty Free License

Standard Use
* For more pictures and details on these scans, please click my profile name to the right ----> where each scan is available to view individually. Full Coconut Photogrammetry scan of a coconut, high detail scan.
  • High quality polygon - 1.8M
  • OBJ and 4K texture included (texture map is split into 3 separate uv tiles)
  • Can be decimated for game or film use
  • More scans on my artist page
  • Royalty free for commercial use
Half Coconut Photogrammetry scan of coconut, cracked in half and staged for high detail scan. Complete with internal fruit.
  • High quality polygon - 836K
  • OBJ and 4K texture included
  • Can be decimated for game or film use
  • More scans on my artist page
  • Royalty free for commercial use
Piece 1:  Broken piece from a coconut. This can be used alongside my other coconut scans, available by clicking on my name and seeing the rest of my scans.
  • 623K tri-poly mesh
  • RAW scan mesh - high quality
  • 12k texture map
  • Other coconut parts available
  • Royalty Free license
Piece 2: Broken off piece of coconut. Can be used in conjunction with my other coconut scans which can be found on my Artist page - just click my name on the right.
  • 479K tri-poly mesh
  • RAW scan data - high quality
  • 12K texture map
  • Other coconuts available
  • Royal free license.

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