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Cockatoo 01 – Rig Ready


Capture Artist:

Scan Grading: Ultimate

Scans Uploaded: 82

  • Game ready Cockatoo
  • Cleaned and resculpted
  • TGA 4k maps included

Royalty Free License

Standard Use
A retopologised, cleaned and optimised 3D photogrammetry scan of a cockatoo. Using a Canon 5D on a turntable, the original realistic stuffed cockatoo was originally processed in Agisoft Photoscan. The bird has been professionally posed in a 'flight' position.
I have optimised the topology, unwrapped UVs, generated normal and AO maps, along with a diffuse map built from the original de-lit texture images.
The realism found in a scan is evident in this 3D model. I have gotten the bird to a point where it's 'game ready'. A lot of the work involved cleaning and optimising a scan has been done for you.
  • 7 Subdivision ZPR. From low = 3k quads to high = 12 million quads (ZPR). Eyes included as a subtool.
  • Low poly 3k quads (OBJ + FBX)
  • High poly 12 million quads (OBJ)
  • ScanColourVertex (OBJ)
  • Original RAW Scan 5.5 million tri-poly (OBJ) - including original 8k colour map (JPG)
  • 4k Diffuse map
  • 4k Normal map
  • 4k AO map

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