Who the Polygons are SnapTank?

In a retopoligized nutshell – We are a new, fresh and exciting marketplace for high quality 3D scanned assets.

We recognise the emerging need for top quality 3D scans becoming ever more present. More and more we are seeing game developers, filmmakers and VFX artists craving life-like environments and characters. It truly is the future, making on-screen characters and scenes as true-to-life as things can get. While a high quality 3D scan can give you the base, the rest is up to you.


SnapTank provides the marketplace and we work with the most talented capture artists from all over the world to make 3D scans available to the industries and people who need them most. If you’re keen to be a part of it, find out more here.

Did I say we only deal in 3D scans? It’s true, you will only find 3D scanned assets on our website, making SnapTank the go-to place for all your scanned data needs. The list of scans is always growing, along with the variations. From RAW, to cleaned, retextured and retopologized.




If you are producing 3D scans – join us today and start selling! Upload your work, choose a price and quicker than you can say ‘photogrammetry’ your scan is online and you are making money. We work with our artists to optimize sales and listings to make sure you get the most from using SnapTank – as well as your scans being visible to the vfx artists who need them.



Looking for 3D scans? Look no further! Browse SnapTank for our ever growing library of scans for your games, films and 3D reference. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know what you need on our request page. We work with capture artists daily relaying requests straight to them.

Our goal is to be the No.1 place for all things 3D scanning. SnapTank wants to bring the community together and create a successful partnership from artist to buyer – whilst having a little bit of fun in the process.

So get your mesh out and join us.


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